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We build software and IT infrastructure solutions for large companies and small.

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    Software security assisted

    Software and IT infrastructure security consulting delivered on time and on budget.

    Responsive Software

    We build responsive and scalable software targeting all major devices and deployments. From clustered HA servers, to desktop and mobile browsers.

    Strong Frameworks

    We build maintainable applications and use robust frameworks. So when it comes time to update your apps and solutions our deliverables are built to last.

    Agile Development (SCRUM)

    We believe strongly in Agile methodologies and use best practises to ensure you receive value for money and time with everything delivered transparently.

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    Our skills

    Whether you need Office 365 or Google Apps setup or a full VMware vSphere clustered deployment. An API designed for your REST-JSON application or even if you roll XMPP. If your front end needs are React + TypeScript and your back end is all NodeJS or even Spring Boot we have got you covered. Stripe SCA or EU VAT rules worrying you? We’ve got it covered.

    Reticulating splines
    Importance of ECC RAM
    Hours worked by MD
    Hours worked by us

    The work we have undertaken encompasses multi-protocol messaging, telephony and social media applications. We have designed software, protocols and solutions for Tier 1 telecoms and financial companies and have worked for and with numerous startups and small businesses. Helping advise on their software design methodologies and helped streamline their process, work flow and successfully improving the quality and scalability of their products and ROI.

    Successful projects

    Openstack Deployment for Tier 1 Financial


    Architected, implemented and presented a lab to the CTO Group to show best practise and demonstrate reduced costs. Based upon its success we went into pilot in their London office.

    High volume event platform for multinational telco

    Project Management, Architecture, API Design

    We handled architecture design, server side development and overhauling the company’s development processes. Introducing Agile, CI, ticketing, support platforms and designing and running workshops to educate customer employees.

    Bespoke Live Chat solution for fleet management vendor

    Project Management, Architecture, Software Development, API Design

    Delivered a ground up deployment of a live chat solution. We devised an API using XMPP and a super light front end built using Backbone-Marionette, jQuery, Strophe, Bower, Grant. One line of JS and the app up on the dealership website.

    Conference service for London startup

    Advisory, Project Management, Architecture, Software Dev, API Design

    Helped mentor and found a startup from scratch with a team of technologists. We designed their process, advised on process from incorporation, billing and hiring as well as assisted in building their team, interviewing and then leading the project and supplying additional resources as needed. Successfully launched on time and below projected burn.

    Project Management to conferencing platform for Tier 1 Telco

    Project Managent, Software Development, Architecture and API Design

    Managed and developed an Audio Conferencing and Recording Solution with a powerful API offering full call control, automated delivery of voice messages, reporting and compliance. System was able to handle 1000+ concurrent conferences per node.

    Project Managent, Architecture, Software Dev


    Helped our sister firm setup a brand new sales tool to help increase lead gen across their customer sites.

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